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Her Biography

Tracie Frank is overcoming the odds. She left the safety of her corporate cubicle to pursue her lifelong dream of acting, and she has no regrets! Eschewing the naysayers, she's grown into a respected working and voice actor, represented by one of the most reputable talent agencies in the southeast.

Tracie's path opened when she began taking long-term acting classes with Lon Bumgarner and Marilyn Carter at Film Actor's Studio in Charlotte. She has also greatly benefited from training with casting director Donna Morong and film producer Kia Jam. Thanks to their strong influence, Tracie has been cast in co-star roles on networks including Starz, Netflix and Hulu. She's looking forward to earning her way up the ranks.

She's also a talented voice actor with a great reputation in commercial voiceover--Tracie is known as the voice of Atrium Health throughout North Carolina. With her range and inbred tendency to be "extra," she's looking forward to voicing more animated and video game characters in the near future!

In addition Tracie enjoys performing on stage, and her performance reviews have always glowed. Leading roles in plays including Greek tragedy "Antigone" (Antigone), comedic farce "Eat the Runt" (all roles), and August Wilson's "Joe Turner's Come and Gone" (Mattie) demonstrate Tracie's range and talent. She was awarded the audience-choice Best Actress in a Musical from Broadway World (Regional) in 2015 (Mary Magdalene, "Jesus Christ, Superstar"), and nominated for her role as Maima in the play "Eclipsed" in 2018.


In short, Tracie Frank is the whole package--and she's poised to do great things.

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