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Tracie Frank

When Tracie left the safety of a regular corporate paycheck in 2015 to pursue a lifelong acting dream, she couldn't have imagined what was ahead. Nearly ten years (and 10,000 hours) later, she's evolved into a working and voice actor with a solid reputation and an exciting future. 

Tracie's path opened when she began taking long-term acting classes with Lon Bumgarner and Marilyn Carter at Film Actor's Studio in Charlotte. She has also greatly benefited from training with casting director Donna Morong and film producer Kia Jam. Thanks to their strong influence, Tracie has been cast in co-star roles on streaming platforms including Netflix and Hulu, and supporting roles in feature-length films. She can't wait to see what the coming years have in store.

She's also a talented voice actor rising in the ranks of commercial voiceover. Tracie is the voice of Atrium Health in North Carolina, and Atrium's affiliates across the country. With her range and natural tendency to be "extra," she's looking forward to voicing more animation and video game characters in the near future!

And Tracie has even taken an avid interest in behind-the-camera work. As part of Angry Goddess Productions, she's participated in several 48 Hour Film Project weekends, and partnered to write, direct and produce several short films and web series.


Tracie Frank has a lot to offer, and she's poised to do many more great things in the entertainment world.

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